Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains

Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains

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Essex Inheritance Tax & Capital Gains

No matter how much you think you know about tax, if it’s not your area of expertise then you should outsource this side of your business or personal life to a trusted professional. Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax are two fairly complex subjects.

Capital Gains Tax

Chargeable following gains made through the sale or transferring of assets, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) often comes through disposals of shares in a business or second homes.

The tax consultants here at Plan A will work with you to optimise CGT returns in a legitimate and ethical manner, using their expertise to maximise the potential of the various exemptions and reliefs available.

Above all else, efficient planning is key if the impact of Capital Gains Tax upon you or your business is to be minimised.

Inheritance Tax

While Inheritance Tax planning is never the easiest topic to talk about, it is important to discuss it thoroughly and openly.

As many of the exemptions in this area are in some way based around time, it is essential for clients to start thinking about taking steps towards effective Inheritance Tax planning as early as possible. Putting complex trusts in place is not normally necessary, but our team of friendly and experienced tax advisors is on hand to walk you through the key points.

Being in possession of an up-to-date and legally valid will is a must. If you don’t have one, or your current will is out of date, we can help you draft one as part of your Inheritance Tax planning.

  • Plan early to maximise tax efficiency
  • A valid up to date Will is vitally important
  • Assessing the use of PPR and Lettings relief
  • Assessing the availability of entrepreneurs relief

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