Our Philosophy

Plan A was created with very clear goals in mind in respect of what we wanted to stand for and provide. Having worked in practice for a number of years Kevin could see a shift in what clients expected and needed from their accountant and how this service should be delivered.

He felt that there was a shift from clients just expecting their accountant to do the necessary so that they would be compliant with the relevant authorities.

This is shown by recent surveys suggesting that accountants were voted as the most trusted advisor for small and medium businesses. What this means, is that accountants are often the first person business owners will ask in respect of a range of business issues.

In short we as accountants need to add value to the services we have traditionally been engaged to provide

Real time information –

Too many times over the years we have seen business owners who were unable to drive their business forward due to not having the relevant financial management information. For example having no budgeting, forecasting of management accounts required by the banks when lending requests were made.

No management accounts to provide for that all important tender, or simply no clear business plan to attract the right customers or key employees.

With the advances in technology we are creating a business platform with the accounts package at the centre, this allows us to provide up to date accounts, relevant management reports and clear budgeting together with the end of year requirements, and at a reasonable cost!

Engagement –

We aim to engage with our clients as often as possible in the following ways.

  • Through providing you with relevant financial information to allow discussions on how your business is performing, your plans for the future and how these plans can be achieved.
  • In knowing your business we believe we are best place to help you grow it.
  • Through our networking events where we look to put clients and guests together that we feel could mutually benefit through developing a business relationship.

Help create a Business Platform

We firmly believe that nearly all growing business could benefit from the implementation of Xero as their accounting software. This is not only because the level of functionality that Xero provides in respect of accountancy but also what their add on community can provide to streamline many business processes. For example work flow management, inventory control, staff scheduling, credit control and much more.

Your outsourced finance function

We believe that our goals and the way we offer our services allows us to truly provide you with a full outsourced Finance function making you huge savings in wage overhead of an in house accountant, book keeper or finance director.

~ Kevin Sewell, Managing Director.