5 Reasons To Migrate to Cloud Accounting Software

5 Reasons To Migrate to Cloud Accounting Software Posted on:

​Plan A & XERO - Seamless & Managed Migration to Cloud Accounting

There are so many benefits to using online accounting software for your business, even if you have a small business, It will cost you less, make your work life easier, and will streamline your business processes.

Switching to XERO cloud accounting software can appear a challenge, and you maybe wondering whether or not your business can benefit from it. In short: it will! This simple list of reasons will give you some clarity on why it’s best to switch to Cloud Accounting based software.

1. Easy to use

Unlike the old systems, which were only stored on the bookkeeper or accountant’s computer, cloud accounting software is designed to be easy to use by non-accountants. This means features like automatic bank feed and intelligent reconciliations can be mastered in minutes.  With numerous ‘how to’ videos available, online accounting software really is easy to use.

2. Safe and secure

At last you are freed from doing backups of your cloud accounting software.  Never again will you have to press ‘restore’ and hope that it restores to the right place! At Plan A we use XERO online accounting software, XERO are the global leaders in online accounting and will give you a cast iron guarantee that your data is safe and secure.

3. Flexibility in the way you work

Imagine on a sunny day you no longer need to be stuck in the office!  You can do your accounts from any location that has an internet connection. Not only that, within your office you don’t have to decide who will have XERO cloud accounting software loaded on their computer.  It is password protected and available on any laptop, PC, or via an app for ipad or iphone.

 4. Single user interface

What does this mean? Your accountant or business advisor has the same information that you do. Not just for last year, but right now. So they can help you set up cash flow forecasts, or drill down on your sales figures or expenses and give you the information you need to make your business better. They can also help you plan so that you minimise your tax bill which will save you money!

5. Increase productivity

With the innovations & many plugins available for XERO cloud accounting software you can produce a quicker and more efficient result with less input. By using the accurate up to date business information that you now have at your fingertips, you can boost productivity, expand into new markets, make services more accessible, hire more sales staff or simply make more profit.


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